Margrethe II of Denmark, Artist-Queen

Margrethe II of Denmark, Artist-Queen

Since her childhood, the Queen of Denmark has shown a taste and an intelligence for drawing. She expresses herself through all the artistic techniques available to her: various paintings, cut-outs, embroidery, stage design, stage costume design... For several years now, she has devoted every Thursday to painting, an organisation that affirms creation as a necessity. 
Through her marriage, in 1967, to Henri de Laborde, Count of Monpezat and a Cadurcien, the Queen maintains a strong link with the Lot region. The royal couple acquired the Château de Cayx in 1975 as a summer holiday home and to manage the vineyard.
Cayx and the surrounding landscapes are a source of inspiration for the Queen. Her sober and sincere universe also draws on the imaginary and popular Nordic culture. She particularly likes to illustrate the tales of Andersen. 
On the occasion of her golden jubilee, the 50th anniversary of her reign, this discreet artist has agreed to unveil, at the Cahors Museum, more than sixty of her works.